The encompasses 4 strategic dimensions (Vision, DER, Training and Infrastructure) to encourage the use of educational technologies in basic education.

The Vision guides the program and encourages entities to plan innovation and technology as transformative elements of education.

Digital Educational Resources (DER) brings together quality educational resources for use in the classroom and creates a bank of educational technologies and technology evaluators.

Training ensures that professionals are prepared to implement the program, incorporate and use technological components in the classroom.

Infrastructure is an investment in expanding access to internal connectivity in public schools to improve the quality of education.

Single Sign On platform

  • self-service portal

  • User account creation, modification, removal;

  • Registration and updating of people's data in the systems catalogs;

  • Locking, unlocking of accounts;

  • Changing passwords

  • Automatic Provisioning

  • Automated synchronization of user bases between services

  • Importing accounts from legacy systems

  • Automatic account creation or deactivation based on business rules

  • Security Policy Centralizer

Edu Workspace APP

  • Exclusive post on the Google Play Store app store

  • Patricinated Internet for the User

  • Entity pays for the cost of mobile data

  • User surfs for free without consuming personal plan data

  • Content and access control

  • Allows you to choose which applications, links or websites should have their internet sponsored;

  • Allows access control only to domain or specific url;

  • Allows login only of allowed users;

  • Promote digital inclusion

  • Increase communication with your users and make online resources available to everyone.

  • Secure VPN connection

  • Safe browsing for the user

  • Prevents misuse and connection hacking

  • Connectivity, consumption control and bandwidth charging

  • Integration with all 4 major operators (Vivo, Tim, Oi and Claro)

  • Report, individually by operator, of data consumption in bytes of the campaign or franchise contracted.